Best Businesses To Start

Do you want to start a business in 2016? Don’t start just any old business. Below are some of the top businesses to start in 2016.

The Top Businesses To Start In 2016

1. Social Media Consultant- Starting your own social consultant business is going to be one of the top businesses to start in 2016. Social media is huge and many professionals are using it, and they need people to help run their Campaigns or start campaigns for them. If you know a lot about social media and you know how to draw attention to Facebook posts, Tweets on Twitter, comments on Instagram and so forth, then launch your own social media consultant agency.

2. Event Planner- Event planning businesses have always been great to start, and it looks like it will be that way in 2016 too. More and more companies and individuals want to have the perfect event, and you can help them get it. As an event planner, your job will be to plan memorable events for your clients and to meet clients’ objectives for their events. In order to be a good planner, you need to have good organizational skills, be creative and great with people because you will be spending a lot of time working with clients.

3. App Developer- As more businesses and professionals are turning to the internet, the need for app developers grows. As an app developer, you can create various types of apps for the businesses and professionals you work with, and you can target certain niches, such as the restaurant industry. For example, you can create restaurant related apps for client, and if you do a good job at making apps, then your clients will spread the word about you.

4. Dog Training- Do you love dogs and are you good at training them? If so, you are in luck because dog training is one of the top business to start in 2016. Many people want to have their dogs trained, and once you have success with a few dogs, their owners will spread the word about you, and then you can hire a few people to help you out as your business grows.

If you want to make good money running your own business, then become an app developer or dog trainer. You can also start an event planning business or social media consultant business. Regardless of which business you decide to start, there is a only a 20% chance you will become successful in the next 5 years. If 80% of new businesses fail then an option you have is to purchase a business. In Australia these transactions are handle by a local business broker who deals in selling businesses on commission for the business owner. By doing your due diligence you could be increase your likely hood of success many fold




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